Monday, February 22, 2010

On Facebook now

Previously I apologize for this blog I rarely update because I was busy.

Of course you know about Facebook. A social network is currently favored by all the young and old.
Facebook now again begin to increase innovation. After the success of the site at the URL mobilenya and the allotment for mobile phone users with touch screen. Return Facebook to innovate with the URL

Take a look, "zero", what does it mean? with the URL to claim Facebook users can access mobile social networking sites without the cost or can be said for free.
URL "zero" is nothing other URL also. But the "zero", not imposed any picture or photo. So, if you open in that mode "zero", you will only receive text-only. You'll also be able to display an image, only if the image and the image is activated, you will be directed straight to the URL and will be charged.

But for now, seems the URL "zero" is still not accessible. Due to facebook should work first with operators in the country that does not require that the cost of accessing the site.
Was in Indonesia "zero" is acceptable?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Second and Third Payments

Sorry for my late update post, I'm busy with daily activities that continue to grow.
In this post I just wanted to update the payment of
They've been three times to pay me. You could see me asking for payment with a small nominal. The goal, I wanted to test the credibility of these programs, whether they will continue to pay me or are they just able to pay up to several times.
Let's see the future.

To see proof of payment of my second and third, please click the link below.

Second Payment

Third Payment