Sunday, November 29, 2009

Failure Factor 3 Internet Marketer A Starter

What do you want when you begin to enter the world of Internet Marketing? Surely you want it is earning money from the internet.
But when he started to go, often even more confused beginner who want to start this business from where? Not a few are novices who doubt that this business is real or just a hoax.
Hmmm,, who is considered a hoax of this business? Usually they are the internet marketers who do not get the results they want from this business.

So the question is why beginners often fail?
This is just my opinion, not the absolute answer.

1. Do not want hard first, Want an easy, fast Want a result
The key of the above is that you must have the patience any more for business. Failure, frustration, fatigue, etc.. certainly you would have encountered in living a business. For that, the nature of hard work and smart work you must also apply.

2. Hurry up
When the temporary failure, they can not afford to continue, helpless, and immediately give up.

3. Confused where to start
Have you ever heard the word Information Overload? Information Overload is the information obtained about something so much that eventually make your own confused where to start. When I started in this business, we often get a lot of information to get rich quick, do not have to bother to work, etc.. The reality is very complicated business, much to the work that eventually led to our own confused and did not do anything.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quick Fix Plus XP to fix Windows errors

Today was a lot of programs that can fix common errors of Windows XP. However there are times when we just want to correct one of course, for example, shows again the Registry Editor.

for this purpose, there is a freeware that can be used, XP Quick Fix Plus can be our choice.

This small program includes portable programs (no need to install) can serve to correct some mistakes that often occur in Windiws XP. Appearance is very simple and easy to use for beginners. Therein have been included as many as 40 functions to correct the mistakes of Windows XP.

Small program size 584 KB is very practical to include in FlashDisk and the standard to make your program a frequently-changing computer instead.

Among the 40 features provided here are a few features:

  • Turn back the Registry Editor
  • Switch back to the Run dialog that suddenly disappeared
  • Switch back to task manager can not run
  • I can not right click
  • CD / DVD Drive is missing or not recognized
  • Enable Folder Options
  • Enable command prompt (cmd)
  • Restore the Device Manager
  • Restore My Computer Properties
  • Turn Off Icon missing from Start Menu
  • Enable CD autoplay

How to use is also very easy. After the file type is successful in zip download, directly extract in one folder and run directly lfx.exe. When mice are directed at one of the main button, then automatically there will be explanations and more detail on the function of the take. Just Click on the button to the Windows error is directly in accordance with the correct information provided earlier.

Although this program has included a GUI program, but it also included the application of qfc.exeE Commend line has 6 features, improving the Task Manager, Registry Editor, Folder Options, Run dialog, My Computer Properties and can not run a file type of EXE-files.

Download link

XP Quick Fix Plus

or can be through the MIRROR

Monday, November 23, 2009

Thunderbird, an alternative email client

Thunderbird is the brother-ons, software launched by Mozilla. A browser developers are already widely used in the world. Then, if there are Firefox, Thunderbird for the what is this? Thunderbird is an email client is software that allows us to open the email without having to open the site email service providers. Such as Outlook Express or Windows congenital MS Outlook from MS Office. It looks just like most other email clients.
In the version 3 beta 4, we will find a new feature that is "smart folder". These features are similar SearchBox.

If you intend to try this e-mail client, please download via the link below.

Windows version

Linux version

And Mac

And if you want to see a clearer review, please click the link below.