Monday, December 28, 2009

Freedom Surf isn't Limited by Your-Freedom

To access the Internet from my office and perhaps also in other offices, can only be done through an HTTP proxy. Such access was limited, access only on port 80, so that activities can be done only opens the website. However, although very rare, I need access beyond that allowed it. Finally, as well as colleagues the other, using another way: HTTP Tunnel. Once the client and server software using the Later, when trying again proved unable to connect. When accessing the website, an error message that appears states that the IP address that is used is one that is not allowed access. Only then will think of looking for alternatives.

The results also googling, I found a website called that provide free facilities for the client and server software. To use it, first things first is to do the registration on his website to get a username and password that will need to download and. Followed by downloading the client software. If the computers we have installed Java Runtime Environment (JRE), which required the installer file size is only about 700 KB. If you have not installed the JRE, you should install it or if it does not download the full installer, the amount of about 22 MB.

When running the first time, we will be faced with the configuration wizard. In this step we need a username and password obtained from the registration process. Then the software will find our list of Tunnel HTTP server that can be used. We select one, or the best option according to the calculation software. Do not forget to save this configuration. Client software is ready for use. Thing to remember is that the port settings are used. By default, SOCKS will use port 1080 and Web Proxy uses port 8080. This is needed later when configuring the application / software that will use HTTP Tunnel.

To download the client software, Click Here!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

DonkeyMails, One of PTC Program

One of the best programs Paid To Click (PTC) and Paid To Review (PTR) is DonkeyMails. Free money search program has several systems to get money from this site.

1. Paid To Click

* You will get paid if you click on certain ads and on average each ad ranged between 0.01 - 0.1 cents, or there is also calculated based on the number of point 2.

2. Paid To Review

* You will be paid if you write an article about a particular site and condition articles you write should be using English. The money you earn can range between 1 - 10 cents.

3. Paid To SignUp

* You will be paid if you sign up for a specific site using the same email when you register at DonkeyMails. You may not register more than 1 times. If you register on certain sites, you will get 11-1000 cents. More info can be read in the member's area.

4. Paid To Promote

* You will be paid if you promote DonkeyMails site. Syaratnya website / blog you must use English. Point that you can get between 150-1000.

Still a lot of money you can get through DonkeyMails. More information can be read in the member's area.

DonkeyMails stood at date February 3, 2005 and in just less than 2 years, member of the site reached 100,000 people. Wow .. This is no small amount. Until May 2008, DonkeyMails been paid to members & 5000 the amount of money has been paid to members of $ 6000. Extraordinary. Come join us in DonkeyMails. Please click here to join.

Value added DonkeyMails:

* Registration is Free
* Disbursements through Egold no minimum value
* Disbursements through LibertyReserve, Paypal & Alertpay minimum $ 1
* Make extra money by playing games
* Please email any paid
* Paid if the ad clicking
* Paid when registering to specific sites
* Paid if the site promotes DonkeyMails
* .. And much more.

Let's hunt through the Site Dollar

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Get Money with Microworkers

Microworkers is the site where we can get the money dollar by doing simple tasks. The money is paid depending on the difficulty of the job. But the smallest, its value to 1 duty is $ 0.07. This program is unique among all the programs offered karean to simulate. To join is free of charge Microworkers alias free.

One example is the work that provided the PTS (Paid to SignUp), for your hobby-job completed PTS job then you'll like Microworkers, not the same as the umumya PTS. What differentiates from other universities are in addition to maintaining the Advertiser was also very Microworker keep his workers (the difference at other similar sites, where the average is only keeping the Advertiser it), which if we're doing the required (mis.PTS) and Advertisers do not pay we will give Microworker then a penalty against the Advertiser and we will be credited by Microworker manually, but this will never happen here.

The following job description that I took directly from Microworker site.

1. Visit my website + Comment - minimum $ 0.10
(Visit + Comment on the Advertiser site - paid $ 0.10)
2. Follow my Twitter - Minimum $ 0.10
(Following Twitter Advertiser - paid $ 0.10)
3. Simple sign-up (2 fields) - Minimum $ 0.10
(Sign on a site, simple - get paid $ 0.10)
4. Text link to my website - $ 0.20 minimum
(Provide Advertiser textlink for your site - paid $ 0.20)
5. Simple link on your site - minimum $ 0.25
(Provide BackLink for Advertiser site - paid $ 0.25)
6. etc
And many more types of work can be completed by the worker, which I think is quite easy to do.

Withdrawal of money can be made with PayPal, AlertPay, Check, Moneybookers, and more. You need to have a balance of $ 9 to be able to make withdrawals. If you are diligent in completing the work, maybe $ 9 can be achieved in less than 2 weeks. And one more thing I have not mentioned above, after we signed up we will be given a bonus of $ 1 directly by Microworker. And to safeguard the security and comfort of the user should, Microworker set "Only one per-IP/Proxy Account". I think this site really promising and very easy to produce dollar to run, either the Junior or Senior who has.

If you want to join, click ad below

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update Device Driver Doctor for easy and free

Surely you ever intend to update your computer drivers, and often we have looked for drivers on the Internet itself. Besides not easy, sometimes even we are asked to install certain programs to update these drivers, and these programs often are not free. Right now, we can use a free program to update the Windows peripheral drivers.

The program is called Device Doctor. With this we can do and will show drivers where drivers are needed or available.

According to some people, it's a driver update is not too necessary, especially if the computer has been running conditions with optimal, there is no problem in it. But even so, for some hardware, always it's recommended by the latest drivers.

Most of us probably do not know if the drivers have to find their own computers, but do not know what component on the computer, looking for a specific type of match is not easy sometimes. Device Doctor with us live click scan, then the program will scan our computer hardware, to further connect to the internet to check if there are new drivers.

User Offline

Although this program requires internet connection, but for computer users who are not connected to the Internet, can still take advantage of this program. After the program installed, then run the Device Doctor. After that just click Begin Scan button, next will come the information that the internet connection is not available, then the feature will be provided to store the results in HTML files. Click yes, to save the scan results.

The next step is we open the HTML file had a scan on a computer connected to the Internet, for example in a cybercafe.

After that, just click Retrieve my drivers, so it will display information drivre what needs to be updated and the size of how well the driver download link.

Users Online

For online computer users to the Internet, use this program much easier. Live run and click Begin Scan. So after the scan is complete, will show what programs are available updated drivers, and the button to update the driver.

This program is free and the database server has a list of drivers (as of this writing) about 13 million are constantly added every week. Also this program can also identify drivers who have not known (Unidentified devices) that appear in Device Manager. This program can run on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 (64-bit or 32-bit), with a minimum of 10 MB hard disk space. In addition to the installer versions, portable versions are also available.

Download full here

Download portable here

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Business Paid to Click

Do you know about the business without capital? Does such a business exist? Perhaps I will discuss now be in the business say that almost no capital. Why do I say "almost"? Please read the rest.

Ever heard the word Paid to Click? Paid to Click is a type of Internet business. Where we can register a publisher and get a commission from the ads displayed and we'll see. And this business that can say almost without. The reason? If you already have a computer or laptop and Internet access themselves, then this business could have said without capital. But if one of them you do not have, then it could be in say still require very little capital.

The system of fairly simple business. That is, a person or company that has products or services advertised to the Advertiser may be called to pay some money to the program with some provisions Advertisers and rules. Then the program displays ads Advertiser products or services to its members or can be called Publisher. We as a publisher will not be in any collection fees. Instead, we'll get a commission for having seen the ad provided.
Essentially, we just have to see ads that are provided by the program and the money will come to us.

I was still pursue this business. And there are some programs that I follow.
If you are willing to start a business engaged almost without capital, please list with a few clicks on the link below.

Idr-Clickit ==>
Trek Pay ==>
DonkeyMails ==>

Or by clicking the banner below No Minimum Payout

Monday, December 7, 2009

Opera Mobile 10 Beta

Now Opera, a leading mobile browser developers in the world to launch Opera Mobile beta 10.
Opera browser supports the latest Symbian S60 v.3 and v.5. Old features are still retained, but the new features did not forget the add. Even the claim could be more quickly up to 50% of the predecessor version.

Some features of this version include:
- Comes with a new look
- More quickly up to 50% of the predecessor version
- It's speed dial feature
- There is also a multi-tab feature or can open several pages at once.
- Password Manager
- The ability to zoom and scroll better
- Can store images and pages
- Can load the Ajax script
- There are features such as Opera Turbo PC version

The phone is supported, among others Smartphone Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson which has the operating system Symbian S60 v.3 and v.5. But not all phones are compatible.

It looks almost the same as Opera Mini beta 5. So if your phone is not supported, you can still use Opera Mini beta 5.

If you want to try it, please click the link below