Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pay Per View program that I know from friends

Lately, my friends were busy discussing the type of money-producing program pay per view. The program name was PromoteBurner.
So I immediately rushed to sign up for the program. This is a pay per view program. so you will not be paid even if the ad is clicked. Provided that you install on your blog, website or wherever you'll be paid. However, the additional revenue would come if the ad was also on click.
The advantages of this program is no limit to the withdrawal fee. So, on the 10th of each month you'll be sent a payment from the program.
Some of the things I quoted from this wesite is not pulling the ad again or put it on your blog or website empty. If it meets these demands do, you will be tires.

I also just registered and the results you can see at the bottom of this blog is an ad from the program. And for those of you who have blogs with high traffic, this program is recommended.
And sorry, for the moment I can not show proof of payment because I have not got it. Maybe the 10th of next month, I was able to display it.

If you are interested you can register via the link below or click the banner below.

Sign Up here

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The most recent browser from Opera, Opera 10.50

In two days ago Opera released the latest Opera Browser 10.50. Of course in this latest version there are various changes and additional features. Strangely, when entering the front page of, written very clearly "The fastest browser on earth". Wow, I'm a little surprised by that word.

Besides the addition of features like CSS3 and HTML5, then there is much less with this browser?

Some features:

  • Opera Mail - Opera provides an email client directly in the browser
  • Opera Unite - a special feature to share content directly with friends
  • Opera Widgets - Opera features to enhance your Desktop
  • Opera Turbo - unique feature to speed up browsing when your Internet connection is slow
  • Mouse Gesture - Recognizing action only with mouse movement
  • Opera Dragonfly Evolved - a feature that allows web developers to perform testing or debugging of JavaScript, analyze HTTP header, DOM, CSS directly
  • New Display Support - Including the effect of Aero Glass for Win Vista and Win 7
  • Zoo
  • Speed Dial
  • Content Blocking - Like AdBlock
  • Visual Tabs
  • Private Browsing
  • Download Manager - Supports BitTorrent
  • Fraud protection and validation of certificates
  • Supports CSS 2.1, CSS3 and HTML5

Opera also claims speed of this browser can 7x faster than its predecessor with a new Engine


I just compared the moment of this new browser with unmatched browser (Firefox 3.6, Chrome 5.0.355.1) because I was curious about the word "The fastest browser on earth".
But after I tried to open some websites, I think Opera is still a bit slower than his match. This, too, because I only tested it briefly, and several factors may affect these results. May be different with you.

Interested in this new version? Want to try your browser with the slogan "The fastest browser on earth"?
Try on this link