Friday, October 9, 2009

Opera Browser v.10 beta

A few months ago, Opera has released the latest browser version of Opera browser 10, in this new version has been added several new features and several improvements to the bug.

Some of the new Opera browser is still beta 10 is as follows:
- New tools icon for the main menu
- Further improvements tab, including trying out better design state attention
- Changed size of Google's original field to be 25% of the toolbar size
- Changes to the way the dragbar and addressbar work in Standard and Mac skin. Also resolves shifting caused by removing search box
- Contacts should be below mail in the panel selector
- Removed old history icon
- Improved compatibility with 9.2x skins: Let the drag scrollbar skin fall back to the toolbar skins instead of scrollbar skin
- Re-added a fall back for the toolbar buttons in the tab cycler, for compatibility with older skins
- Tab cycle thumbnails on as default
- Added styling to the "no message selected" message in the mail / feed tab
- Changed the default for mail import from Opera 5 / 6 to Opera 7/8/9/10
- Fixed dialogue Unite status: No longer losing the status of the text selection on status update

If you want to try this new browser please click the link below.

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