Friday, October 2, 2009

Opera Mini 5 Beta

Opera Mini is a browser application for mobile phones. Now Opera has released Opera Mini to Beta 5.
After my test, turned out pretty well as the ability Opera Mini is still Beta. Not too many obstacles when doing a little browsing heavy sites like and open homepage. And of course there is no JavaScript. Like the words of one observer the Internet, that the Opera "Hate" with JavaScript. Try to notice, Opera for the PC also does not support JavaScript especially Opera Mini for mobile phones.

Opera Mini Beta 5 is also a speed dialing feature, with only one button, you can go directly to the intended site.

Also the most favored is a video player feature of the site Youtube Mobile ( smoothly during his Internet connection is also fast.

How to Backberry user? Please read the official site opera. In short for Blackberry version, added copy-paste feature.

Few weaknesses of all versions of Opera Mini is not connected with direct connections. Always have to go through the opera servers. This is often complained of by its users. Because, if you can connect with a direct connection, you can use Wi-Fi to track connections.

Download link Opera Mini 5 Beta

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