Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Professional Linux Support - What is stopping you?

Despite the most obvious and good reason why companies are looking to Linux DO Support Professional - In the tradition of truth and many Linux users are not really looking for that professional help. Thus, while the costs of professional Linux support are what make a company decides to take another continue to manage their problems on a daily basis what? Like most things in life, the answer is never simple - Again, like most things in the lives of people who respond have different opinions as beliefs inadequate.

In a way we can see some new businesses to get out of their system administration, data and communications as part of the "newbie" experience: And no doubt there is some reward - a sense empowerment - when a company can increase the mystery forces seem to conspire against network them. They will also benefit from a better understanding of these systems and it is always "nice" to rely on its own. However, the head of an increasingly competitive business world of this one way street can be risky and necessarily completely in the wrong direction.

Open Source - choices

Linux is open source - Linux-based operating systems are the costs flexible, safe and low compared to most modern commercial systems. One of the really positive aspects of running a business built on Linux system administration - as opposed to commercial models, the interface is FREE AKA OPEN! Companies have many more options regarding the choice - same can be said as to whether they are professional or Linux support no choice ....

Professionals are too expensive ... Right?

Unfortunately, if someone here Professional is the word that they tend to rush to try to hide their wallets rather than open it. Too often it is because they might feel "professional", the entire contents of their wallets and bank accounts need to do the simplest tasks - this is simply not the case. And a whole barrage of forums could include support for Linux provides free professional community that "for assistance may be far below par - First because people the word" professional "to define a number of ways ....

The real problem?

Without prejudice, many people Linux Professional Support is defined as those persons with specific knowledge of the Linux kernel and experience the multitude and variety of networks to understand Linux and its evolution in relation to changing environments the company. Linux operating system-based business administration and communication networks are used by companies more per day: Red Hat, Suse, Fedora and Ubuntu Linux - and the transition can be made much easier with support for Linux right. Find professional support Linux does not tend to the problem for most companies: Making the decision to be forthcoming.

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