Saturday, November 5, 2011

What is Spam and How Mean Can You Manage?

What does the spam on the internet? Well, I did some research and found some of the funniest descriptions of what spam means.

SPAM = Stupid Pointless annoying messages
SPAM = Short Pointless annoying messages
SPAM = Self-promotion advertising

It is of course a few, but I like the third one of the best. Now, how can you stop spam on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking site?

The truth is you can not really, some will always find a way through the net and worm its way into your inbox.

Of course you can still report spam, and this person get their account canceled, but they can always come back with a new email address and spamming and can hold up very quickly.

You have spam filters on your e-mail to reduce spam in your mail box to arrive.

Now, every time someone put their business opportunity to me on a social networking site I used to get angry, frustrated and angry and block that person.

But not anymore, I was with them in a very different way. You see, they know nothing else. She may very well be told to do by their sponsor.

So we should punish them for not understanding the correct label for the use of social media sites? Or should we have 10 minutes of our time and a little help?

Spend some time to get to this person you never know where this will lead to know. Ask them how long they were online, where they generate leads for their business, they struggle with most online / offline and go looking for them.

Some will answer your questions, some not, but what you can do is to block people love the BS was successful and millionaires. I do not know any millionaires who need to replicate their website for everyone to push.

Have free training in place when you talk to them. Based on the answers they give you can show a solution to their problems. The people in the real world and want to help will be glad you took the time to give them a better way to build their businesses.

You stand a good chance your training system to connect and then connect your primary business at some point in the future.

Most people online who want to start their business in the smartest way possible, and strokes. So, even if they are pitching their happiness, they may be aware that this is not the right way to do things and you could be just what the doctor ordered.

At the end of the day we will never get rid of spam, but if we can help educate a few people along the way then so much the better.

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